Salt Lake Tribune news story about Christensen Oil

The Salt Lake Tribune wrote an in-depth story about the issues we are having with Christensen Oil. Reporter Leia Larsen and photographer Leah Hogsten interviewed us and took photos. They also spoke with Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield.

It was published Monday, Nov 2, on the front page!

The drone footage shows just how close the oil tanks were built to the houses.

Provo Development Director Gary McGinn said it is comparable to living next door to a library. What he fails to recognize, though, is that there is also 200,000 gallons of gasoline on the property! And gasoline will ignite with a spark, and is hard to fight because it flows on the ground. Books don’t ignite so easily, they don’t flow on the ground, and they can be extinguished with water.

Provo Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield once again stated that he does not enforce Fire Code section 102.2-2, which required him to enforce the “operations” of a business to the current fire code, not a historic fire code. “Schofield said facilities only need to be held to the fire codes used the year they were constructed, unless there’s a change in use.”

Thanks to Leia and Leah for an excellent story.

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