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Advocating for fire code compliance and safe operating practices at Christensen Oil in Provo, UT

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Our requests to Mayor Kaufusi re: Christensen Oil Development Agreement

On December 8, 2020, five of us met with mayor Michelle Kaufusi and expressed our concerns with the Development Agreement that had been presented to her by City Council and City Staff on June 16, 2020. This is our letter: – – – – – – – December 6, 2020Dear Mayor Kaufusi We have been…

Update, May 12 2021

We are still persevering to keep Provo City from approving additional oil and gasoline storage at Christensen Oil. And to encourage Provo Fire and Rescue to enforce applicable fire code at Christensen Oil. A few updates: 1) We presented at the Maeser Neighborhood Meeting on Wednesday, April 21. The presentation and discussion are about 45…

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