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Advocating for fire code compliance and safe operating practices at Christensen Oil in Provo, UT

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Update, May 12 2021

We are still persevering to keep Provo City from approving additional oil and gasoline storage at Christensen Oil. And to encourage Provo Fire and Rescue to enforce applicable fire code at Christensen Oil. A few updates: 1) We presented at the Maeser Neighborhood Meeting on Wednesday, April 21. The presentation and discussion are about 45 … Continue reading “Update, May 12 2021”

Salt Lake Tribune news story about Christensen Oil

The Salt Lake Tribune wrote an in-depth story about the issues we are having with Christensen Oil. Reporter Leia Larsen and photographer Leah Hogsten interviewed us and took photos. They also spoke with Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield. https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2020/11/02/residents-oppose/ It was published Monday, Nov 2, on the front page! The drone footage shows just how close … Continue reading “Salt Lake Tribune news story about Christensen Oil”

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