Christensen Oil Provo – Stationary Dispensing Trailers Issue

Christensen is using old gasoline tanker trailers as stationary tanks for storing motor oil.

Problem: Tanker trailers used as stationary storage and dispensing tanks
Observation: Christensen Oil has parked two tanker trailers at the dispensing station at their south gate.

  • West truck license plate is ID TJ9710 (nonexpiring).
  • East truck is ID TJ9713 (nonexpiring).

They appear to be used for the storage and dispensing of petrochemicals. They have no
hazardous material placard, so we hope they are just lubricating oil, rather than gasoline or diesel fuel.

5003.5 and 5704.2.3.2 No hazardous materials placard on tanker trailer (required even for
Class III(B) combustible liquids)

5004.2.2.4 Secondary containment for outdoor storage tanks must be designed to control a
spill from the largest vessel. (This trailer has no spill containment).

Photo 1 2. July 10, 2019, when we walked down the street after-hours, we smelled gasoline and saw a bucket under one of the valves. This combination seemed dangerous, as there could be gasoline in the open bucket, leaking from the tank.

5704.2.2 Truck trailer shall not be used as stationary storage tanks

5704. Piping from above ground tanks needs to have vehicle impact protection. (This
has none).

5004.11 Stationary tanks may not have combustible materials stored within 25′ (These are
about 5′ from the gasoline storage tanks).

Possible violation – vehicle registration. These trailers are registered in Idaho, but have not left the State of Utah for several months. Verify that they have not exceeded the time period required for in-state use, and ensure that the appropriate State of Utah authority is receiving revenue for the registration of these trailers.

Please have the stationary tanker trailers removed from this location.
And ensure that no tanker trailers are used for storage or dispensing in the future.

If Christensen Oil does not remove the trailers, “red flag” them to have them removed from
the property. And assess monthly fines for failure to comply with code.

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