Improper Storage Plastic Barrels of Motor Oil (Maeser Neighborhood Complaint #5)

In July, 2019, Provo’s Maeser Neighborhood complained that many plastic barrels of motor oil were improperly stored, leaking, stored where they could leak, etc.

Resolution: The oil barrels are still on-site, without spill or crash protection. Most of the outstanding violations are still current.  Two corrections have been made: the oil barrels stored next to the gasoline silos have been moved, and, the barrels have been moved from 2′ from the property line to 5′ from the property line (10′ separation is required).  

The fire department is proposing that Christensen be allowed to convert one existing warehouse, and build another warehouse to rectify this problem. However, that would increase the storage capacity from the current 40,000 gallons to 689,000 gallons!

The fire department is holding the neighborhood hostage on this one — they will not enforce existing fire code, and are requesting that the neighbors approve the proposal to let the violations continue until a massive increase in storage capacity is built.

Christensen Oil in Provo Totes out of Compliance with Fire Code

In recent years, Christensen Oil has begun using a large number of plastic “totes” for storing lubricating oil outdoors. They are about 300 gallons in capacity, and typically have something like “Castrol 5W-30” oil. We are uncertain if this inventory was stored indoors before, or if it is a new line of business for them.

While we like to see businesses doing well, the proliferation of these plastic totes decreases the resale value of our homes, reduces the quality of our lives, and increases the risk of catastrophic fire.

We have see several possible fire code violations with these “totes” by our reading of 5704.4
Outdoor storage of portable tanks
1) Totes stored too close to the property line
2) Totes stored on gravel without spill confinement
3) Totes stored in inappropriate places, like on a bulk oil dispensing station
4) Totes stored too close to combustible material
5) Totes stored without proper crash protection
6) Diesel fuel stored in totes, which are not an appropriate storage vessel.
Please take appropriate measures to keep our neighborhood safe!

plastic “totes” storing lubricating oil Christensen Oil Provo Utah

These totes are only 24” from the fence Totes against the fence, 554 S 300 E

1 )Totes stored up against property line of 554 S 300 E
About 50 plastic “totes” are stored up against the fence line of the home at 554 S 300 E. IFC Table 5704.2 states that Class III liquids (Lubricating oil) has a “minimum distance to lot line of a property that can be built upon.” of 10 feet. Can you have Christensen Oil move the “totes” of lubricating oil 10′ away from the property line?

50 totes stored without containment pallets Totes in foreground are full

2) Totes are stored on gravel surfaces.
Totes can only be stored on gravel surfaces if they are on approved containment pallets (5704.3). or are on surfaces with secondary containment (5704.4.3 and 5004.2).

As Christensen Oil does not have any available outdoor storage areas with secondary containment, can you have them purchase approved containment pallets and use them with their totes of lubricating oil?

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